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Are you tired of dragging around those water hoses to make sure your lawn is getting watered? Allow us to install the perfect irrigation system for your property so you can keep a healthy landscape all year round without the added hassle. Every system we design, and install is customized for the specific needs of your property. Redstone will assess sun and shade requirements, grass and bed separation and proper product usage, and much more to find the best solution for your space.


There are many factors to analyze when planning an irrigation system, and with our knowledge and trained staff, we can make that process a simple one. All of our new system installations come standard with a rain/freeze sensor and the option of Wi-Fi/ phone-controlled capability. Ask about our water saver plus option when planning your new system, it is a great way to help reduce your overall water usage.

Do you already have an irrigation system but changing your landscape and need to add to your system for the new changes? We can take care of that! If you are needing a new flower bed or extending your lawn space, we can help make sure your new investment starts off on the right foot. 


Call us today to get scheduled for a free quote.

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